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CSC Library List
(Each new member of the Cinderella Stamp Club receives one free copy on joining)
Handbook 6. Index to the Cinderella Philatelist 1961
-1985 and to The Private Post 1977-1985

compiled by I D Crane
Handbook 8. Great Britain. Commemorative Labels pre 1950 - A Catalogue
by Chris Chatfield
Handbook 10. Great Britain. British Empire Exhibition Wembley 1924-1925 Publicity Labels
by Alan D Sabey
Handbook 11. Images of the Great War Volume III, an illustrated catalogue of Delandre’s Red Cross Vignettes

by Walter Schmidt & Charles Kiddle.
Handbook 12. Publications by Editions Delandre
by Charles Kiddle.
Handbook 13. Images of the Great War Volume IV, an
illustrated catalogue of Delandre’s Vignettes other than Military and Red Cross 1914-1917

by Walter Schmidt & Charles Kiddle.
Handbook 14. Index to the Cinderella Philatelist from 1986 to 2000 (Volumes 26-40)
compiled by Michael James.
Reprint: The Bulletin of the Fiscal Philatelic Society Vols 1-11 (1908-1928).

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The Cinderella Philatelist
Back copies where available (before ordering, please check with John Booth, email: cinderella.library@btinternet.com). Postage is included in the price of the Cinderella Philatelist.
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Up to 1998 
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From 2005
£4.50 ea
The Private Post, a periodical publication - eight issues appeared between 1977 and 1985 - catering for collectors of all private posts of the British Isles from William Dockwra's post of 1681 to those of the postal dispute in 1971 and beyond. The Private Post was published for the British Private Post Study Group of the Cinderella Stamp Club and is now incorporated in The Cinderella Philatelist.
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(NB. Postage is included in the price of individual copies of The Cinderella Philatelist)

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